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In child custody cases, the principal concern for all parties involved should be to protect the welfare of the child. A judge will have to take many factors into account in order to determine which party will receive custody. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for Family Court to accurately assess a child’s living situation due to limited resources, funding and time. It’s part of our job as private investigators to gather the information you need to prove the child in is a stable, safe and loving environment.

Gray Investigations can be an invaluable resource for attorneys and their clients who feel their child’s best interests are not being met by their current custody arrangements. We can also assist in cases where child support payments are not being met. At Gray Investigations, we will focus solely on your case, and have access to be the best tools and resources available to provide a thorough, discreet and professional investigation. Whether your circumstances involve a cheating spouse, substance abuse, or child endangerment, the child’s safety is of the utmost concern. We diligently work your case use surveillance, public record searches, undercover investigations, and the many other tools we have at our disposal.

Child Custody: Services
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